Etana Custody Truth in Savings Disclosure

Consumer Custodial Account
Disclosure of Fees and Account Terms

Minimum Balance Requirements
To open the account. You must deposit at least  $150.00 to open this account.

Transaction Limitations
The minimum amount you may deposit is      $150.00
The minimum amount you may withdraw is   $150.00 
We do not allow checks or drafts.

Fee Schedule
The following fees may be assessed against your account
Deposit Fee:           $35.00
Withdrawal Fee:    $35.00
bps Custody Fee:    25bps

This account is a non-interest bearing account.

Notice of Changes
Any change to our Custody Fee Schedule, including adjustments to any tiers or rates, will be emailed and/or posted no fewer than thirty (30) calendar days before such changes are to take effect and no changes will be in effect for fewer than 30 calendar days, subject to any shorter period of time that may be required by applicable law or regulation.

Etana Custody
999 17th St.
Denver, CO 80202

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