Crypto Custody Services

A Regulated Global Custodian for Crypto Currencies and Digital Assets

Etana offers a comprehensive custody platform for the custody of cryptocurrencies, and digital assets through our cold, hot or MPC wallet solutions. This integrated technology ensures asset availability to Etana’s partners including financial institutions, exchanges and other counterparty partners where a client has an open account.

With Etana, clients in over 100 countries can custody a range of digital coins, ERC tokens, and G10 currency pairs.

  Reduced risk and complication

  Increased security

  Recourse for investors

  Operational efficiency

Safeguarding Digital and Traditional Assets

Crypto and Digital Asset Custody

For custody of crypto currencies and digital assets, Etana’s platform integrates a number of SOC-compliant sub-custodian wallet providers. Multiple security and insurance levels are available, from cold storage to advanced MPC technology that creates cold wallet safety with the immediate trading access of a hot wallet.

Foreign Currency Custody

Supporting G10 currencies with clients in over 100 countries, assets are held in digital-friendly, insured bank accounts. When Etana clients link their accounts to our exchange partners, their balances are available to trade on the exchange without waiting for lengthy or costly transfers. Time and money are saved, along with mitigating counterparty risk.


Safe. Secure. Trusted.

Our industry-leading suite of custody and trade support solutions allows clients to manage their global currency and digital assets from a secure environment linked to many service providers. Our high compliance standards give clients peace of mind, knowing their assets will stay protected and secure. 

Etana Custody is a chartered trust company regulated by the Colorado Division of Banking.


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