Crypto currency and digital asset custody services for individuals

Secure your cryptocurrency and other digital assets with crypto custody services provided by Etana.
Registered, regulated, and reliable custody provider.

Crypto custody provides 3rd party security of your digital assets  

Etana offers individuals unparalleled security that their assets will be safely held and protected from counterparty risk. Traditional currencies are held in insured banks and digital assets are held in SOC-compliant depositories.

Etana crypto custody services provides protection against:


Protects your crypto, digital and traditional financial assets from theft and hacking by providing an extra layer of security by having access to your digital assets managed by Etana.

Business Failure

 In the event of failure by a crypto provider or exchange, your digital assets are held with Etana and accessed by the provider through Etana mitigating business failure risk.

Loss of Access

 Private keys (used to access your digital assets) are stored using Etana’s secure crypto custody technology ensuring you won’t lose access to your crypto through accidental deletion, computer failure or other incidents.

Complete Crypto Custody Solution


Etana has developed specialized technology solutions and knowledge in the custody of crypto and digital assets servicing clients in over 100 countries.

    Custody a wide range of crypto custody, digital assets and traditional assets 
    An independent, registered custodian company 

    Robust custody platform and security protecting your personal data and assets 

    Manage your transactions and accounts in one place 

    Faster, inexpensive transfers

Crypto and Digital Asset Custody

 For custody of digital assets, Etana’s platform integrates a number of SOC-compliant sub-custodian wallet providers. Choose the provider and establish a new wallet or link your existing wallet. Multiple security and insurance levels are also available.

Cryto Custody Services

Foreign Currency Custody

Currency assets are held in digital-friendly, insured bank accounts. When Etana clients link their accounts to our exchange partners, their balances are available to trade on the exchange without having to wait for lengthy or costly transfers while mitigating counterparty risk. 

Foreign Currency Custody Services

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