Fiat & Digital Asset Custody Solutions for Exchanges

Etana Custody provides secure, scalable and reliable crypto custody solutions for exchanges and their clients. With Tier 1 banking relationships and as a regulated entity with a reputation in compliance, Etana is a trusted third-party venue and affordable solution for custodial, clearing, and OTC services.

Etana Offerings for Exchanges

Multi-Asset Services  

Etana custodies global currencies and digital assets in segregated accounts, providing peace of mind with the knowledge that client assets are held with a trusted and reputable third-party while maintaining the integrity of exchange-customer relationships.

Crypto Custody Services

Crypto Trade Settlement  

Etana has built a network of liquidity providers made up of institutions exchanges, and other market participants that use Etana as a settlement venue.

Crypto Trade Settlement

Treasury and Escrow Solutions  

Comprehensive treasury operations and foreign exchange conversions, allowing exchanges to manage G10 currencies in over 100 countries via Etana’s global banking relationships.

Crypto Custody Services

Asset Tokenization  

Etana enables new asset classes to go digital by empowering tokenization support which includes collateral management.

Tokenization Services

Etana customized exchange solutions


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Etana Digital Asset Custody Suite

Leading global institutions trust Etana for reliable, regulated crypto custody services and support.