Custodian Services

Etana custody provides you with custodian and account funding solutions that place no minimum deposit requirements for traders.

For brokers

As a Custodian company, Etana allows market participants to interact with each other via smart web based application. Learn more about our services:

For brokers'

For traders

As a registered Custodian, Etana helps traders to gain access to a new, fully transparent and highly secure environment for doing business. Learn more about our trader services:


For Introducing Brokers

Have full control over your financial transactions, administrative processes and affiliate tracking software. Enjoy impeccable safety through an additional layer of security in all your B2B processes.

Introducing brokers

What are our clients saying about us

What are Traders saying?

Last year due to a big event caused by the potential Bailout from Greece, my account took a big hit and it end up with a large negative balance, I was threatened by my broker that I have to pay them back for this loss… now an year later I feel ready to take on the new opportunities in the market, with the peace in mind, by knowing that Etana custody is protecting my interests and I will not risk anything more buy my initial deposit.

What are Brokers saying?

My regards to the people behind Etana Custody! This is a great solution, easy to implement and consistent in their support and administrative services. Whit a partner like them we were able to solve our financing issues and minimize the Risks and charge backs while accepting clients worldwide. Cheers and looking forward to the years of fruitful business relationship upfront

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