Custodian Services

Etana custody provides you with custodian and account funding solutions that place no minimum deposit requirements for traders.

For brokers

As a Custodian company, Etana allows market participants to interact with each other via smart web based application. Learn more about our services:

For brokers'

For traders

As a registered Custodian, Etana helps traders to gain access to a new, fully transparent and highly secure environment for doing business. Learn more about our trader services:


For Introducing Brokers

Have full control over your financial transactions, administrative processes and affiliate tracking software. Enjoy impeccable safety through an additional layer of security in all your B2B processes.

Introducing brokers

What are our clients saying about us

What are Traders saying?

As a Money Manager, I am aware of the risks and dangers hidden in Forex Trading, starting from the market itself to the brokerage providing me with trading space. I strongly recommend to all investors to operate with Clients Deposits only though Custodians. Because if we know the risks and if we are aware of the proper tools to manage these risks, we shou

What are Brokers saying?

When I was given the task to improve the way clients feel about our company and add a service that creates more trust, it did not pass long until I found about Etana Custody. I appreciate your fast and adequate response. Great presentations and support when you had to show us how to use the Platform. We Look forward to see what more you can provide in the future.

Business Developer
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