Crypto Clearing and Trade Settlement

Professional clearing, execution and trade settlement for digital assets, crypto and global currencies

Etana provides support for managing a range of global currencies, cryptocurrencies and digital assets, providing end-to-end governance via a solutions suite that supports automation at scale. From custody to market access, our multi-asset management solutions enhance transactional efficiency.

Etana Custody offers digital asset risk management solutions that go beyond mere risk avoidance. Etana helps you build and sustain a culture of compliance as well as a reputation for having your people and operations perform at their best. You can turn regulatory complexity into business opportunity even as regulations grow in number and complexity.

  Reduce counterparty risk

  Increase capital efficiency

  Mobilize assets across venues

Crypto and Global Currency Clearing and Execution



Manage foreign exchange exposure through cost-effective deliverable solutions directly from custody.

  G10 currencies, 120 countries

  Deliverable settlement

  Global banking

Crypto Market Access

Etana provides market access via crypto trading platforms and trade execution venues.

  Exchanges (CeFi)

  Streaming Prices

  OTC/Block Trading

Crypto Trade Execution

Partnered with major crypto counterparties to provide liquidity and execution.

  Leading trading platform support

  Bunched Orders

  Block Orders

  Lending/Yield enhancement

Crypto Settlement

Settle trades off-exchange in the most actively traded global and cryptocurrencies globally. Utilize our centralized platform and ability to provide multilateral netting.

  Mitigates settlement risk

  Reduces costs

  Minimizes funding requirements

Wallet Management

Provides connectivity access and comprehensive support.

  Wallet selection and aggregation of flexibility

  SOC 2 compliant, insured, sub-custodian network

  Wallet custody


Access to statements and account data via secured portal or API.

  API access

  Customer reporting

  Service provider integration (e.g. audit, tax, regulatory, fund administration)

Why Etana for crypto clearing and settlement?

As a fully regulated global custodian, we adhere to the guidance provided by the SEC, CFTC and FINRA giving our customers peace of mind when deciding where to custody their global currencies and digital assets.

Brandon Russell 
CEO | Etana Custody

Leverage the power of Etana with a custom solution.


An Etana digital asset clearing and settlement solution provides access to a powerful network of providers and customers, with additional services that go beyond what other providers offer. Connect with Etana about a custom solution. 

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