Two Factor Authentication

August 17, 2020 by
Jessica Nennig

Two Factor Authentication

**Please note: The 2FA code is separate from your email confirmation code. The email confirmation is a one-time code to verify your email address. You will need to enter a 2FA code every time you log in using the Google Authenticator App**

We require 2FA to provide maximum privacy and security on our platform. The Google Authenticator App is an accessible tool that is available via mobile or desktop.

Initial 2FA set-up:

To access your Etana Account, please use Google Authenticator to set up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Follow the steps below to enable 2FA:

Troubleshooting Tactics:

  • Are you scanning the newest QR code each time you attempt to establish 2FA? Until you have successfully set up 2FA you will need to scan the newest QR code every time you attempt this process.
  • What authentication application are you utilizing? We recommend Google Authenticator or FreeOTP for the best results.
  • Are you inputting the most recent 6 digit code from your authentication application, before it expires? Sometimes it is helpful to input the device name field, and wait until the 6 digit code refreshes so you have the full 30 seconds to input it to our platform.
  • Are you attempting to log in to our system from a desktop Chrome or Firefox browser? These are the two browsers we recommend for the best results. Do you have the most recent version of that browser?
  • The issue you are experiencing while establishing 2FA could be related to how multi-factor authentication works. Authenticator app 2FA codes are based on time and thus require the time on your phone to be in sync with the official time.

**You can disconnect your phone from the internet and as long as its time is still correct, it will successfully generate correct 2FA codes. However, manual time settings and offline devices eventually slip out of sync. The device you are establishing 2FA on needs to be in sync with the device you are accessing our system from.

**If your phone's time is out of sync, or if you have changed time zones, the best way to fix it is to change the time settings on your phone from "Manual" to "Automatic".

On iPhone:

  1. Go to the Settings app
  2. Select General
  3. Select Date & Time
  4. Enable Set Automatically

On Android:

  1. Go to the Settings app
  2. Select General Management
  3. Select Date and Time
  4. Enable Automatic date and time

Android instructions may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer of the phone.

Alternatively, you can try the Time Sync feature if you use Google Authenticator for Android.

Using your 2FA:

*During registration, we require you to set up 2FA. The 2FA code that is being requested should be available in whichever multi-factor authentication application you used when registering on our site originally. When you registered you should have downloaded a multi-factor authentication application, and scanned the QR Code into it. Then you would have needed to enter the 6 digit code on your screen (this is a constantly changing number).

*Please have the Google Authenticator Application accessible when logging into your account. Each time you log in, you will need to enter the 6 digit code from your multi-factor authentication application.

Reset 2FA:

If you have lost access to your 2FA, please create a ticket so we can proceed with steps to reset your Two Factor Authentication. Select 2FA issues/set up when you submit your support ticket.

Please include the following when you create the ticket:

  1. Selfie with the ID that Etana has on file, holding a handwritten note with:

a) Today’s date

b) 'For Etana use only'

c) Includes your signature - This note must be large enough and fully visible

  1. Make sure to use the email address that Etana has on file when creating a ticket.

a) If you are using a different email than Etana has on file, we will send a confirmation email regarding the reset of your 2FA requiring your confirmation. Using a different email will cause delays in the reset process.

If you have any further questions about Two-Factor Authentication, please message our Support Team.