Employee Experience at Etana

February 15, 2023 by
Etana Team

While many tech firms have faced challenges in the past year and have had to reduce their workforce, Etana has taken a different approach. We have continued to grow and expand, both in terms of our headcount and our commitment to our employees.

In recognition of the rising cost of living, we made a significant investment in our compensation. Our leadership raised the starting salary for entry-level employees or employees new to the industry to $60k, ensuring that our compensation stays in step with the changing landscape.

At Etana, we believe that creating a supportive and positive work environment is not only the right thing to do, but is also essential for the success and sustainability of our business.

If you're looking to make a smart move, read on to find out more about what sets careers at Etana apart.

A Pioneering Culture

Etana Custody is at the forefront of digital asset technology, providing key functions to power the world of crypto, digital assets, and the web3 world. Our superior product is the result of a supportive environment and a strong set of values.

As a global custodian, we're looking to move the needle, and to do that we need the best of the best. Our culture is designed to be a place where pioneering spirits feel at home.We don't stand on ceremony, and we're not fans of hierarchy. That's why at Etana, we give our team members the autonomy to try new things, achieve their goals, and make a difference every day.

We also value diversity. We believe people from different backgrounds with different identities and experiences make our company better and our offering more accessible to a global client base.

Finally, we believe in cultivating raw talent. That's why we don't filter for a perfect CV that checks all the right boxes. In this industry, there are no boxes! We're looking for people who can think creatively, handle rapid change (this is crypto), and perhaps most importantly, collaborate effectively.

Our CEO Brandon Russell sums it all up in this short video.

Sound good? Let's talk benefits.

Beyond Basic

We all know that technology scales, but people differentiate. The type of people we're looking for are hard to find, and expensive to lose. If that's true, we made a significant investment in our compensation. Here is a rundown of how Etana invests in our employees:

  • Cost-of-living: To ensure that your pay stays in step with the true cost of living, we regularly evaluate and adjust base pay to keep pace with changing economic conditions.

  • Family & Parenting Leave: 3 months off to focus on your new family member and family.

  • Unlimited Paid Time Off: Need time off - you got it.

  • Work smarter, play harder: Revolutionize finance in a relaxed work environment complete with downtown Denver views and the occasional game of ping pong to take the edge off.

  • Employee-equity owned: Employees make the best shareholders and vice versa. That's why we like giving people ownership early on.

  • Health and Wellness: We cover 90% of Medical, Dental, and Vision plans for employees, and 80% for dependents.

  • Inclusive insurance: Included in your benefits at no extra charge.

  • Additional insurance: We also offer highly-subsidized access to additional Insurance Plans. Can't be too careful.

  • 401k with Employer Match: We'll match 4% of your retirement savings, which should come in handy.

  • Parking fees: We offer monthly parking reimbursement. Commuting is stressful enough.

Your Future Awaits

We're looking for professionals who are passionate about the future of digital assets to be a part of the growing Etana family. If you're ready to collaborate on ambitious projects with fellow trailblazers in a dynamic and fun environment, this is the firm for you.

Whether you have experience in the crypto industry or bring skills from another field, you'll have the opportunity to work on groundbreaking contracts for services that no other company is offering.

Ready to change the game?

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