Etana is a custody service that enables clients to fund their GMO accounts with the following currencies: USD and JPY. In addition, clients can mint and redeem the GYEN and ZUSD stablecoins seamlessly.

How to apply?

  • Navigate to

  • Complete the Etana Custody onboarding process including the submission of KYC information and documentation.
  • Once you are fully verified, sign in to your GMO Trust account.
  • Please navigate to your GMO Trust account. On the top of the Home page , you will find “ Agent ” details and a “ GENERATE ID ” button beside the “ Agent Account Identifier ” heading. Please click the button to generate your ID, then navigate to your Etana custody account and use this information to establish a Linked Account with GMO Trust. Please see the attached PDF for detailed information.

Navigate to the Linked Accounts tab of your Etana dashboard, and utilize the "Agent" and "Agent Account Identifier" details to connect your GMO Trust account with your Etana account.

Note : You will be required to provide KYC documentation that may differ from that required for opening GMO Trust accounts. Please use the full name matching your government-issued ID.

Who is eligible?

Etana Custody is available to all existing GMO Trust clients except those whose countries of residence appear on the list of countries where Etana’s services are not available. To see this list of countries where Etana Services are not available, you can email

You can use Etana Custody to deposit the following currencies:


*Wires sent in local currency will be converted (at current market rates) to the chosen base currency from above.

*FX conversion is also possible for balances held in Etana Custody wallets. Clients can reach out to Etana support for more information.

For questions, please contact Etana Custody Support directly by navigating to the Support tab located in the top right of your Etana Custody account or by submitting a request using this link .