Safeguarding Assets

Connect with brokers in a secure, risk compliant and trader-friendly environment

Your interests must always come first. And that's just what Etana does. Funds held with reputable Top-rated banks. Broker and trader capital completely segregated. A third party thoroughly safeguarding your assets. You can now trade without worrying about your deposits and risks.

What is the importance of safeguarding assets?

In a dynamic environment like yours, safeguarding assets means everything. Etana custody connects you and brokers through a secure safeguarding of assets internal control mechanism. Your deposit is placed in a segregated bank account from the broker's account, protected by Etana as a custodian. Once approved by the compliance policy, you can electronically make instant deposits, to any Broker on Etana`s platform.

Why Etana's safeguarding assets mechanism is superior to others

  • Your physical deposits go to reputable Top-rated bank accounts.
  • Your securities are fully segregated from the broker's operational account.
  • You receive reduced costs on both online and offline wire deposits.
  • You can open accounts with multiple brokers even with a single wire deposit.
  • You are protected from unexpected risks due to misleading broker advertisements.


One transfer. Multiple trading accounts.


Hedge with ease. Enjoy a significant cut in timeframes for withdrawals. Benefit from starkly reduced transaction fees thanks to Etana's internal money transfer system. You can finally hold accounts with various brokers without the hassle of wiring and depositing funds as your PnL swings. One transfer is all you need. Etana gives it to you.

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