Platform Features

The platform that helps you take your business further.

You want trading success. Etana provides you with the platform to achieve it. You now have an access to a secure, user-friendly platform with an ever expanding network of connections.

7 Main Benefits Etana Offers You As A Trader

As you explore new financial peaks, Etana provides you with a seamless compliance process and an extra layer of protection for your precious deposits.

  • An easy to use platform.
  • No need for additional downloads or installations.
  • Funds spread across multiple brokerages can be managed in one place.
  • Access to detailed reports based on your trading activity and results.
  • Transaction tracking and money flow history for maximum transparency.
  • Your deposit stays in your full control.
  • Strict technological security protocols of data privacy

Etana's Trademark Features

Etana platform was developed as a leading, cutting-edge and extra secure way for you to manage your trading activities. As such, the platform is equipped with crucial features that pave your path to trading success.

  • Easy mechanism for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Strict transaction management and monitoring.
  • Smart personal expense management and transparent backtracking.
  • A single button offering a detailed view of all your activity.
  • Multiple bank account support.
  • Easy money depositing to multiple ventures with Forex organizations.
  • E-mail and smartphone notifications for staying in trading touch.

Etana Custody - Traders Introduction

1 min video of how it works


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