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Dear Trader, we are glad that you show interest in how Etana can be of benefit to you and your business. With this Review document, we intend to provide you with a better view on the common Forex trading risks and ways to avoid foreign exchange risk when trading both Forex or Binary Options with unknown brokers.


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Why should you consider to work with a custodian when trading with Brokers?

Up until now, you might have overlooked custodian services and the potential benefits you could take advantage of. Etana places a strong emphasis on trust and transparency and aims to provide you with better market opportunities and networking prospects. It mitigates a chain of major trader pain points such as:


  • No previous experience or knowledge of the new broker you are to trade with.
  • No existing feedback/reviews of the broker on the Web.
  • Negative reviews and scam alerts.
  • The deadly possibility of having your profits withheld.
  • The possibility of a broker "going dark" on you.
  • The possibility of a brokerage company going bankrupt leading to personal capital losses.
  • High risks connected to sending money overseas to unknown recipients.
  • Various risks connected with working on a pre-fixed trading platform.
  • Brokers doing manipulations over your trading account.


Etana's primary purpose is to tackle such problems by, preventing them from happening. To make this possible Etana Custody foundation is built on high technology solutions along with strict Compliance management and Auditing procedures all placed together in a web-based platform available to everyone.

What is the point and where are the benefits when you work with Brokers through a Custodian company?

Practical examples of dangers and scams, traders like you have suffered from.

There's no denying that all traders are trying to make a profit in what is now a very volatile market. To get ahead and access better trading conditions, most of the Traders/Investors reach out to FX or Binary Options Brokers without doing a proper research on their location, Legal Company Registration and Licensing.
Below you will find feedback and posts from real Traders whose trust and ambition for gains from market opportunities was betrayed and abused in the most unethical ways.

Problem 1 - Broker going in the Dark

Story: “This particular trader explains that they put themselves in a transaction risk. After establishing a connection with a binary options company (dubbed Option Prime), the broker disappeared on Monday, May the 5th. The trader wasn't able to get in contact with anybody from the brokerage. All the emails they sent came back through the postmaster delivery service (in other words, undelivered). There was no Internet information on the brokerage, including no reviews.
Disheartened at the situation, the trader joined a popular trading forum to ask whether someone else had had an account with Option Prime. Pointing out currency risk as a pressing issue in Forex trading, the trader admitted they "felt like the only customer" of the broker gone dark.“

Problem 2 - Not accepting my Withdraw Request and taking off with my deposit

Story:“I made a withdrawal request for £1127.99 and nothing was done for 10 days! Despite the fact that it says "same day withdrawals" on their website. Then after those 10 days, my account was taken over and trades were placed without my knowledge or permission. As a result, all the money was lost – safe from a remaining £27.99 that couldn't be withdrawn, due to the broker placing a minimum of £100 for eligible withdrawals. The trader admits they hadn't put any efforts in foreign currency risk management. My email and phone number have been blocked by the company and they are refusing to deal with the situation.”

Problem 3 - Open To Exchange Rate Risk by Paying with A Credit Card

Story: “Last Thursday (June 2nd, 2016), I wanted to invest $250 USD in binary options to give them a try. When I was contacted by ANGEL MORALES from that company, he told me that I could be promoted to silver level and they would give me a bonus. He never told me that my credit card would be charged. He cheated me. Now I'm in big trouble because I have this big charge on my credit card that I can't pay. “
Story: “My account manager had asked me for $10,000 for himself.When I refused, he took my investment and disappeared forever. I lost my investment and no one in OptionRally had helped me to this moment.. be careful”

Drawing Conclusions From Such Events

While these traders' painful experiences might seem like rare cases, you would be surprised by how often such scenarios play out in the trading world. They can happen to anyone, regardless of location and deposit size. You might remember how big brokerage companies like Alpari UK and GF Global went bankrupt, taking down with them hundreds of trading accounts. Human errors, insufficient risk management and volatile markets can befall any broker. As a result, your trader account can suffer too.

What Etana tackles is exactly this uncertainty, this set of pain points you will encounter as a trader. Our primary goal is to provide you with a cutting-edge custodian solution that safeguards you and your money on deposit. As Forex scams are well known among traders, Etana also aims to help you further protect your deposits by the option to report a scam. If you have any questions in regards to what to do after being scammed, the expert team at recommends to:

  • Get in touch with the regulator of the broker (if any)
  • Address specialized trading forums to make the issue more public.
  • Send us an email with a report of the event (scam) so we can investigate and add the Brokerage to our Blacklist.

Etana is a Custodian company, collaborating with top-rated banks. All for your increased safety, security and peace of mind while trading and seeking success with your business.


How Does A Custodian Account Really Work?

Safeguarding your deposits
To make this a reality, we provide a web-based standalone platform that acts as a bridge between you, your funds and the Broker firm you wish to work with. The web-based platform has features that allow you to open ventures with multiple brokerages, while funding all of your trading accounts with a Single deposit! You can see how this works in graph 1.0. As a Trader on our platform with verified documentation and approved account, you can make an online or offline wire deposit to one of our accounts that is most convenient.



Step 1

What Etana does is act as a bridge between you, your funds and the broker you have chosen to work with. You have the freedom to open ventures with multiple brokerage companies while funding all of your accounts with a single deposit.
Note: Etana Custody services are available only to Users who have passed our Compliance checks.

Step 2

Make a physical deposit to your custody account, once confirmed by our finance you can use the funds to support multiple venture accounts with Brokers who are working with Etana Custody.
Note: Money transfers between Ventures on Etana platform are conducted within seconds and require only a click and phone code verification.

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