What is Etana Custody?

Custodian company, targeting the Foreign Exchange Industry by providing solutions for the Business and End Users, with an online based software solution

Why is Etana Custody targeting the Forex Market?

We see a big need for more security, transparency and accurate operational process to this market and we intend to cover this need. We provide a multi-product solution to address the pain points experienced primarily by brokers and other market participants

Who can use Etana Custody and benefit from it?

Brokers, PSPs, Money Managers, CTAs, Hedge-funds, private and Corporate Traders, Technology companies, Marketing companies and Freelancers that provide traffic in various ways

What are the acceptable documents proving the ownership of the personal bank account?

Statement from the Bank or a bank letter containing name of the owner and the IBAN

What happens when there is a big movement in the market and the Balance of the trader falls into a negative?

Etana Custody does not carry responsibility on this manner, the trader can’t lose more than his initial deposit with the broker

What is the Reach of our service?

Etana protects its clients by separating the funds thus giving an extra layer of security and protection from scenarios related to Brokers going Bankrupt or disappearing with the Clients deposits. We also conduct at our expense the AML and KYC processes, so you outsource or have the ability to outsource[…..]

Ask us questions?

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