Networking Services for IBs

B2B Environment For Your Introducing Broker Services

Networking and communication are the foundations of a solid business model. Every client gives you additional scalability and unlocks new opportunities. Etana's services for IBs keep your partnerships and B2B needs in mind, allowing you to grow them through:

  • Adding multiple streams of income.
  • Operating with greater transparency and higher level of trust.
  • Getting in touch with important decision makers.
  • Accommodating your clients in a secure, reliable and flexible environment.

More efficient. More reliable. Overall simply better.

Etana's client acquisition model

Why Your Networking Channel Needs An Update

Acquiring new customers has always been a convoluted, exhausting process. You need to tackle their concerns about security, transparency and loyalty. The acquisition process goes through endless stages that swing and threaten your business and well-being. Etana comes with a built-in social component that solves these pains and enables you to meet and deliver traffic to your new clients. No complications. Just plain business.


Forget About Complex Client Acquisition Like This

Problems with this way of work

  • Making you lose time on finding the proper network.
  • Causing you to waste too much time on finding and qualifying your prospects.
  • You spend Time and resources for presentations
  • Fighting against Rejections which are most of the time based only on lack of Trust because you are a new provider.


Is it fair to loose client for this?

Choose The More Efficient Model

Etana starkly cuts down on your client acquisition process and reduces your workload so you can land new clients easier, more reliable and in a trusted environment. Here's how it works:

As a result of this smarter approach to client acquisition, you are able to:
  • Streamline your client acquisition process better and increase your client base.
  • Deliver better security and increased transparency to your clients.
  • Increase your networking opportunities and connect with key decision networks.
  • Ultimately grow your business with a skyhigh reputation as an expert IB.
  • Let your clients feel more secure by working through us
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