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Establish Your Brand As A Reputable IB

Reputation is everything when you are an IB. Etana provides you with the means to establish yourself as a real authority. Direct traffic to broker companies, irrespective of their size and location. Inspire trust in your trading partners by using custodian services that protect trader funds. Greater transparency, proper segregation of funds and reliable service are just a part of what Etana offers you as an IB.

Etana Aids You In Your Key Pain Points As An IB


Campaign Funding

Build a trustworthy financial environment for everyone involved. Etana acts as a fudiciary and makes sure that your corporate clients (brokers) act in accordance with regulations. This leads to guaranteed payment security and happy business relationships with your client base.

Trust Problems

Leave scammers and any mistrust behind. Your business now works with a registered custodian with industry leading compliance procedures. Etana eradicates any trust issues between brokers and affiliates. Our quality assurance protocols and strict KYC and AML checks leave no room for dubiosity.


Get the recognition you deserve. Whether you are an IB or an affiliate, Etana will help you foster even better relationships with your clients. Reputation risks are prevented by segregated bank accounts, partnerships with Top-rated banks and strict security. Your personal brand will enter a new level of authority.

Your Sales Process Just Got Upgraded

Etana custody simply gives you the optimal environment to conduct business, land new clients and protect all your customers' interests. Your sales are now faster, safer and way more convenient. All you need to do is reap the results.

Etana Custody – Introducing Brokers, Introduction video

1 min video of how it works
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