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Finance Magnates: Etana RegTech solution

Interview with Brandon Russell, CEO of Etana Custody

Etana Custody is a firm that offers custodian services, payment solutions and administrative back office services. Etana has a rather altruistic ethos. The goal is to provide a ‘safe space’ by acting as a mediator of sorts between various market participants. 

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What is custodian and how to protect your capital when trading

 As an active partner to both the broker and trader, Custodian providers like Etana Custody, afford traders the comfort of shopping for their broker with more confidence.

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How to Protect Your Capital When Trading Forex

Traders (end-users) can enjoy the benefit of having their deposits protected by a custodian knowing that their funds are truly segregated.   This engenders a level of trust between brokers and traders where there is more accountability and transparency reducing the anxiety that both parties exhibit when it comes to talking about transactions, disbursements and compliance procedures.

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The importance of KYC and AML procedures for financial institutions

Build and sustain a culture of compliance as well as a reputation. We will help you turn regulatory complexity into a business opportunity even as regulations grow in number and complexity.

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Australia’s Retail Client Money Law: The Case for Registered Custodians in Forex

 Australian government passes a law designed to protect foreign exchange clients, closing a hazardous loophole that allowed brokerage companies to use client funds for operating capital or marketing campaigns, among other uses. 

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Etana Custody, listed at Finance Magnates Directory

Founded in 2014, Etana Custody delivers Custodian, Risk Management (KYC&AML compliance) and Account Funding solutions, which aim to help businesses reduce the cost of doing business, mitigate compliance and regulatory risks. 

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Exclusive: Newly established Etana Custody to provide brokerages with Custidian services and Risk management solutions

Etana Custody provides brokerages with lower transaction fees, and facilities to hold client funds separately with enhanced security.
The company’s intention is to enable brokerages to position themselves with an extra value proposition which enhances their credibility


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