bitcoin exchange

What is the easiest way to get Bitcoin?

The most common answer on how to get bitcoins, is to simply buy them. The easiest place from where you can buy a Bitcoin (decentralized cryptocurrency, appreciated by many people as an asset), is by visiting a centralized Exchange on the internet. The Exchanges are web-based platforms and just like an exchange office where you […]

forex market trading

Forex Market Trading Hours in Saudi Arabia

Being the 20th largest economy worldwide in terms of nominal GDP ($639.6 billion) in 2016 and the largest one in the Arab world, Saudi Arabia is also the world’s largest exporter of petroleum. The oil sector comprises 92.5% of the country’s budget revenue, 97% of export revenue as well as 55% of its GDP. As of[…..]

ecn forex broker

What is an ECN Forex Broker

Forex brokers that provide their retail clients with a direct access to other market participants through an Electronic Communications Network (ECN), are known as ECN Forex brokers. Such a network ensures the link between retail traders and their broker’s liquidity providers through a complex technology setup, known as Financial Information Exchange (FIX) Protocol. On one[…..]


Soloforex and Etana Custody announce strategic partnership

Soloforex and Etana Custody have stuck a partnership which will harness the strengths of both companies to provide traders greater transparency, information, and protection of funds. About Soloforex Soloforex is a forex blog, whose objective is to assist traders in finding a broker destination which best suits their needs while providing them with information to[…..]