Account funding options

Your business depends on the financial partners you choose.
As a secure payment solution, Etana connects you with leading payment system providers and reputable banks.

There's even more.
Operating through Etana's payment management system opens to you a world of favorable transaction volume discounts along with:


  • Increased safety - Trader funds are held in AAA rated banks
  • Convenience - Chargebacks are mitigated
  • Better customer acquisition – Etana caters to customers without credit or debit cards
  • Cut the line – avoid slow administrative procedures and unfavorable contracts with additional PSPs and banks by Using Etana`s solutions

Benefit from Etana`s online payment services and
bank connections

You want trusted and established payment partners.
Etana connects you with leading payment gateway providers resulting in:

A safer payment process with industry leading PSP`s

The freedom to accept wires from globally

Capture wider audience without limiting to Credit Card and Debit Cards

Low transactions costs and fast processing

Get started with Etana in 3 easy steps

To open an account in Etana is fast and easier process

  • Open an account
  • Upload company documentation
  • Pass compliance check
Done, you are ready to start

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