Account funding options

Your business depends on the financial partners you choose.

Operating through Etana's payment management system opens to you a world of favorable transaction volume discounts along with:

  • Increased safety - Trader funds are held in top-rated banks
  • Convenience - Chargebacks are mitigated
  • Better customer acquisition – Etana caters to customers without credit or debit cards
  • Cut the line – avoid slow administrative procedures and unfavorable contracts
PSP vs Etana Custody
Differences and Simularities
PSP Etana Custody
PSP vs Etana Custody
Differences and Simularities
Payment Service Provider
Trader Register Proces
Email Verification Yes Yes
Phone Verification No Yes
KYC and AML Compliance check Varies with the PSP Mandatory
Source of Funds Questionaire Not Mandatory Mandatory
Bank Account information Not Mandatory Mandatory
Compliance Answer 2 to 7 business days 1 business day
Account Funding
Payment methods Credit Card, Cryptocurrency, mobile payment, bank wire, Voucher Codes, E-wallets Bank Wire transfers
Ability to fund account, without passing through Compliance (KYC and AML) Yes * No
Transaction Fee 1 to 12% from the Deposit Flat fee of 30 USD
Clarity about your deposit whereabouts Unclear Deposits go to and are being held only at Top Rated
Time to Process the transaction 1 to 5 business days 3 to 5 business days
Supports Advertisement of Financial and/or Gambling products Varies with the PSP No
Money Transfer to FX Brokers
Time to Process the transaction 1 to 3 business days Instant
Transaction Fee 2 to 6% of the transferred amount (Typically covered by your Broker) No Fee
Rolling Reserve Yes No
Withdrawal from Broker to Personal Account
Time to Process 1 to 14 days Same day
Fee 0 to 30 USD No Fee
Benefits for Traders
Safety of Funds Can do Chargeback 1. Holds money segregated from broker.
2. Deposits stay in Top Rated.
3. Impossible to do payments not authorized by you.
Fast Registration Yes Yes
Additional Supports various methods to fund an account. Etana’s platform is connected to the Broker’s Forex Trading server address and is watching over for market manipulations.
Benefits for Brokers
Ability for clients to fund their trading account using various payment methods Enables you to connect your traders with the security and deposit protection service Top Rated
Fast access to Clients deposits Grants a competitive advantage acting as proof that your company hold no interest in owning the traders deposit
Ability to Accept payments made on Credit Greatly reduced fees for accepting clients (traders)
* Applies up to a fixed amount and may vary with the PSP.
Note: PSP’s information is a general representation and may differ based on specific PSP’s product offering

Benefit from Etana`s online services and
bank connections

You want trusted and established payment partners.
Etana connects you with leading payment gateway providers resulting in:

A safer payment process

The freedom to accept wires from globally

Capture wider audience without limiting to Credit Card and Debit Cards

Low transactions costs and fast processing

Get started with Etana in 3 easy steps

To open an account in Etana is fast and easier process

  • Open an account
  • Upload company documentation
  • Pass compliance check
Done, you are ready to start

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