Reduce the Costs of Doing Business

Maximize your profits. ReduceTransactional Costs. Simplify your business operations.

As a capital market participant, you are always under pressure.
You need to adhere to the strict regulatory environment. You must reduce your operational costs.
You have to increase your profit margins. All along with that, you also have to maintain credibility.
At the same time, PSPs charge you up to 12% per transaction. Banks take heavy commissions for each deposit.
Costs related to customer acquisition and other charges are typically covered by you, the broker. Isn't it high time you changed the model and reduced your costs?

Etana Custody - Broker's Introduction

1 min video of how it works
Safe, Secure and Trustworthy
for your funds and future!
Frequantly Asked Questions ( FAQ )
 Why is Etana Custody targeting the Forex Market?
We see a big need for more security, transparency and accurate operational process to this market and we intend to cover this need.
We provide a multi-product solution to address the pain points experienced primarily by brokers and other market participants
 Who can use Etana Custody and benefit from it?
- Brokers, Banks, PSPs, Money Managers, CTAs, Hedge-funds, private and Corporate Traders, Technology companies, Marketing companies and Freelancers that provide traffic in various ways
 To which extent does Etana custody handle the compliance and other administrative aspects?
- The goal is to meet and exceed accepted banking standards
 Are TAX aspects related to international transactions embedded in the existing compliance procedures?
- When two international companies face each other, they are responsible for their own taxes and tax reporting. Each Client must reply to the TAX laws of his country of residence
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