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Etana Custody was born out of an innovative approach to key pain points experienced by Capital Markets participants. Our solution reduces the cost of doing business, mitigates compliance and regulatory risk, and increases business flow, all achieved through our proprietary platform.

Why "Etana"?


The word "Etana" is derived from a Hawaiian name that can be best translated as "strong". Our objective is to be a strong contributor to the capital market solutions – and to help you develop your business into a strong, prospective and sustainable venture. Thus a symbiotic relationship develops, where by working with you in an open, transparent and reliable environment, we support each other and increase our strength as partners.


Etana has offices located in New Zealand, Bulgaria and the US. Our experts have helped numerous clients, drawing from their expertise, knowledge in innovation and all things financial markets related. You are not a mere client to us – you are a trusted, cherished and respected partner.

Our vision is to deliver a service that inspires others to be better, provide innovative services at a revolutionary price, delivered with unimpeachable integrity.



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